Beautiful TV Tracker.

CLIFFHANGER is an app designed especially for TV fans, with specific attention to simplicity and a user-friendly design.

We are sure that using Cliffhanger will improve the way you manage your TV schedule. Enjoy!

Cliffhanger on Nexus 7

Clean and minimal

with the multi-screen support

CLIFFHANGER now supports all popular Android tablets, such as the Nexus 7 and Nexus 10.

What can it do?

Discover Shows

Cliffhanger will study your preferred shows and provide you with useful information.

Keep up

Keep track and mark episodes or seasons you watched and manage your Watchlist.

Never miss an episode

Cliffhanger will automatically notify you when an episode of your favorite show is aired.


Enjoy discovering episodes using our intuitive design, backed by and IMDb.


Months of continuous work (and pizzas) was put into CLIFFHANGER to make it as intuitive as it is an eye-candy.

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App reviews

Beautiful Pixels

Cliffhanger is one such app and a great example of how you can work with the Holo design guidelines and create something beautiful... While there are a multitude of TV tracker apps on all platforms today, Cliffhanger is the definitely one of the best ones on Android, hands down.

Android Analyse

Cliffhanger has one the nicest user interfaces you’re likely to see on any Android app. It’s incredibly well polished, very responsive and most importantly user friendly. It’s beyond the usual level of quality you’d expect coming from a solo developer, and I don’t mind saying there are some companies with large budgets who haven’t managed to produce an app that looks this good.

Mobile Syrup

If you’ve ever wanted a way to follow the trials and tribulations of your favourite TV show and the characters therein, Cliffhanger for Android seems to be your best bet.